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The Sales Rep field in the IIF Import Invoice Template does not import correctly

The Rep field in the IIF invoice template from the IIF Import Kit is not importing correctly into QuickBooks Desktop.

Detailed information


This IIF import sample file image is from the IIF Import Kit.

The Rep field  in question is  highlighted above.

The label for the Rep field is located in Column Z and Row 21.

The input for this Rep field is directly below in  Column Z and Row 24. (This row  for the input field may change if there are multiple invoices.  The Rep input field will be the first line of the invoice where it is posting to the Accounts Receivable account.)

The name entered in the Rep input filed must be the same full name of the Employee, Vendor or Other Name you are using in QuickBooks Desktop.

During the import process,  QuickBooks checks the name in the Rep input field against the Names List of Employees, Vendors and Other Names.

If the name you entered in this Rep input field does not exist in QuickBooks, the import process by default creates that name as an employee.

The Rep initials used in QuickBooks for Sales Rep List cannot be used in the Rep input field because the Rep initials used in QuickBooks are for the user's convenience in QuickBooks only.

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