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Inventory valuation summary report

This report gives a quick assessment of the value of your inventory. By default, the date range is the current month to date, but this can be changed to suit business needs. Each item is listed with the following information displayed in columns
Detailed Information
  • Item Description: The description of the item, if a description for purchase transactions was entered.
  • On Hand: The current quantity on hand, which is the net number of received and sold items. Because QuickBooks Desktop permits items with zero in stock to be sold, it is possible to have a negative number in this column.
  • U/M: Units of measure information
  • Avg Cost: QuickBooks Desktop uses the totals from each transaction for receipt of inventory to calculate this figure.
  • Asset Value: The value posted to your Inventory account in the general ledger. The value is calculated by multiplying the number on hand by the average cost.
  • % of Tot Asset: The percentage of your total inventory assets that this item represents.
  • Sales Price: The price set for this item. This figure is obtained by looking at the item's configuration window. If a price was entered when the item was set up, that price is displayed. If a price was not entered $0.00 displays. QuickBooks Desktop does not check the sales records for this item to determine this number. If the price is routinely changes when filling out a customer invoice, those changes will not be reflected in this report.
  • Retail Value: The current retail value of the item, which is calculated by multiplying the number on hand by the retail price (if the retail price is set).
  • % of Tot Retail: The percentage of the total retail value of your inventory that this item represents.
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