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QuickBooks and Manufacturing Inventory

QuickBooks is not designed to do manufacturing inventory. However, some enhancements enable you to do elementary manufacturing accounting.

Detailed Information

Basic Inventory

QuickBooks Inventory, available in QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES) includes inventory management using the Weighted Average Cost method. It is not well suited to manufacturing inventory because it has no direct method to:

  • Incorporate inbound freight and similar expenses into the inventory value.
  • Incorporate direct labor, indirect labor and overhead into the inventory value.
  • Inventory intermediate stages or manufacturing work-in-process.

Inventory Assemblies

QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES) include a feature called Inventory Assemblies. An assembly enables you to take parts out of inventory and combine them into an intermediate or final product which can be inventoried. You can use multilevel assemblies up to 500 levels.

Inventory assemblies can include inbound freight, direct labor items, indirect labor items and overhead expenses. Thus, inventory assemblies enable you to do elementary manufacturing inventory.

Advanced Inventory

If you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES), you can purchase Advanced Inventory, which enables you to use:

  • FIFO costing
  • Multiple location inventory
  • Bar code scanning
  • Bin and lot tracking
  • Serial and lot numbers
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