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User Account Control (UAC)

The article provides basic information about User Account Control (UAC). It also outlines the steps in turning UAC on or off. 

Define UAC

User Account Control (UAC) improves security for all users. It also replaces the following user accounts available in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.

  • Administrators: All priveleges
  • Power users: More priveleges than users but fewer than administrators
  • users: Most basic set of priveleges

The main goal of UAC is to protect the computer and reduce the exposure and attack surface of the operating system by basically starting with all users running in standard mode.

An administrator can run most applications, components and processes with a limited privilege, but have the ability to elevate or increase the privilege for specific administrative related tasks and application functions.

Turn UAC On or Off

IMPORTANT: While turning UAC off may be necessary when troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop issues, it is highly recommended that you turn it back on to prevent security risks on your computer.

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