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Set up, use and pay credit card accounts

A Credit Card gives the holder an option to borrow funds for purchases or for paying bills. If you have a credit card you use for your business, you can record the charges in QuickBooks through the Enter Credit Card Charges window. You can enter payment for the credit card during reconciliation or through the Write Checks window. This article outlines basic steps in setting up, using and paying your credit card.

If you need help with processing credit card payments from your customers, refer instead to Process a credit card payment in QuickBooks.

Detailed information
Notes on credit card balance
  • A positive balance means you have pending charges on your credit card.
  • A negative balance means you have made overpayments (the amount you paid is more than your balance due).
  • A zero balance means you have not made any charges OR you have paid your balance due
If you have credit card sub-accounts:
  • You can enter the charges and payments in the sub-account and they will be available in their respective account register. The total amount of these charges and payments should be equal to the total balance for the parent account. You ONLY need to reconcile the parent account.


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