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Understand the Versions Used on File in the Product Information window

The Versions Used on File in the product information window of QuickBooks provides information on the history of the company file. It also provides information such as when the Rebuild utility was last used, when the company file was upgraded, and details about which product releases were applied to the existing QuickBooks installation.

Detailed information
The Versions Used on File area is presented in date order with the latest changes to the file or program listed at the bottom. Below are some of the codes you will see and their explanations:
  • V26.0D R5 05/22/16 - This line indicates the program version is QuickBooks 2016, and was updated to Release 5 on May 22, 2016.

    Note: QuickBooks year versions are displayed as the following:

    • QuickBooks Desktop 2017 is displayed as V27
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2016 is displayed as V26
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2015 is displayed as V25
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2014 is displayed as V24
  • RB 05/22/16  This indicates the Rebuild utility was run on the company file on May 22, 2016.
  • UR 05/22/16 - This indicates that the company file was upgraded from a prior version of QuickBooks on May 22, 2016.
  • CD 05/22/16 12/31/08 - You ran the Clean Up Company Data or Condense utility on May 22, 2016, condensing data through December 31, 2008.

To access the Product Information window

  1. Open QuickBooks and log in to your QuickBooks Desktop file.
  2. On keyboard, press F2 key (or Ctrl+1). The Product Information window opens.
  3. You will find the Versions Used on File under File Information section.
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