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How users and passwords work in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

There are 3 password instances used in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac:

  • Permissions - replace the Admin and Data Entry passwords
  • Closing Date
  • Round trip - convert between QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and QuickBooks Desktop for Windows


Detailed Information

Users and Passwords when upgrading from a prior version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  • A Migrated Administrator user is created when upgrading.
    The Owner password on the file is attached to the new Migrated Administrator user.
  • The Data Entry password is lost and a new user must be created.
  • The closing date password is transferred and it functions as it did in the prior versions.

Users and Passwords when converting a QuickBooks Desktop for Windows file to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  • When converting from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, the Admin password is migrated and attached to the created Migrated Administrator user.
  • The Roundtrip password functions the same but it is already independent from the Admin password.
    In the event that a file gets updated after being roundtripped, users need to enter their old Admin password to unlock the file.

Important: If the Admin password is lost or forgotten, contact a technical support for assistance in password reset.

For further information about users and passwords in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, go to Help menu > QuickBooks Help.

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