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QuickBooks and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

All merchants who accept credit cards or store payment card or other sensitive data must secure and protect this information and their customers. This article explains how QuickBooks meets the PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standards), and in some cases what actions you may need to take to be compliant. Standards increase in rigor year after year, so newer versions of QuickBooks provide more built-in protections than older versions.

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How to turn it on

Actions you can take to comply with these new security standards:

  1. Update to the current release:
    Important: If you use QuickBooks 2011 (or later ) or Enterprise Solutions 11.0(or later), you do not require an update. Proceed to Step 2.
    1. In the top menu bar of QuickBooks, choose Help > Update QuickBooks.

      Help Menu
    2. Click the Update Now button.
    3. On the Update Now tab, be sure each item has a checkmark next to it.
    4. Click the Get Updates button. The download may take a few minutes.

      Get Updates button
    5. When the process is complete, close QuickBooks.
    6. Reopen QuickBooks to start installing the updates you just downloaded. This may take a few more minutes.

      Install downloaded update
  2. Enable Credit Card Protection:
    Note: Only administrators can perform these steps.
    1. Open QuickBooks.
    2. Choose Company > Customer Credit Card Protection.

      Enable customer credit card protection
    3. In the Customer Credit Card Protection window, click the Enable Protection button.

    4. Enter a complex password and challenge question. Click OK.
      Note: A complex password requires at least 7 characters, including one number and one uppercase letter.


Get more information

Important: You may need to take actions outside of QuickBooks to ensure you are compliant.

You can also contact a technical support agent for additional guidance. Fees may apply.

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