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QuickBooks service discontinuation policy and upgrade information 2015/2014

 Each year, we strive to deliver the best products to our customers by investing in technology that makes QuickBooks better and easier to use. One of the ways we are able to do that is to manage the costs associated with supporting older releases. We believe this enables us to provide you with the right level of service, while still providing leading-edge business solutions to our customers at the lowest cost.

Our practice is to support the most current version of QuickBooks, plus the prior two versions. If you are currently using an older version of QuickBooks and do not need certain business services (such as Payroll and Phone Support), you can continue to use the software as you have been. However, if you would like to continue receiving technical support or use other services, you will need to install and register a supported version of QuickBooks software.

As services to older versions are scheduled to be discontinued, Intuit provides affected customers with advance notice in a variety of ways, including mail or email notifications, in-product notifications, but usually through the website (www.quickbooks.com). Each QuickBooks Product is generally supported for a period of up to three years.

Replacement CDs, patches, product updates, diskettes, and manuals will no longer be available for discontinued QuickBooks products. Intuit provides customer support regarding registration and license data for discontinued versions of QuickBooks under Intuit's standard terms and conditions, if that data is available.  However, Intuit cannot assure that we will be able to register, provide validation codes, or offer data and password recovery for discontinued QuickBooks products. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that customers use supported versions of the software.

Terms, conditions, features, service options and pricing for support offerings and optional services are subject to change.

What service discontinuation means


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