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QuickBooks service discontinuation policy and upgrade information

What is it and when does it happen?

After May 31, 2014, access to add-on services will be discontinued for QuickBooks 2011 Desktop (Windows and Mac).  This includes all versions of QuickBooks 2011 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions, Accountant Edition, and Mac).  

Note: If you do not use any of the add-on services in QuickBooks 2011, your product will continue to work for you but you will not be able to subscribe to live technical support or any of the other Intuit services that can be integrated with QuickBooks.

In addition to QuickBooks 2011 (for Windows and Mac), there are a few other Intuit products that are affected by the discontinuation of add-on services.

Click each question below to see the answer.

What service discontinuation means

Products affected by service discontinuation as of May 31, 2014, are listed in the table below. If you don’t make use of live technical support or any of our add-on services, and are happy with your current version of QuickBooks, you can continue to use it.

If you are using a product affected by service discontinuation and want to maintain access to live technical support and add-on services, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks as soon as possible.

Fully supported products Products for which services will be discontinued after May 31, 2014

QuickBooks Pro and Premier (Windows) 2014, 2013, and 2012

QuickBooks Pro 2011

QuickBooks Premier 2011 (General Business, Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail)

QuickBooks for Mac 2014, 2013, 2012

QuickBooks for Mac 2011

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14, 13, 12

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11

QuickBooks Accountant 2014, 2013, 2012

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2011

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2010, 2013

QuickBooks Cash Register Plus 2009, 2010


As services to older versions are scheduled to be discontinued, we notify affected customers in advance by mail or email and through in-product notifications and information on this web site, such as this article. Please keep an eye out for updates on our future plans as they become available.

Product, upgrade, and pricing information for QuickBooks 2014 (all versions):

We want to work with you to make sure that your upgrade experience is easy, fast, and as cost-effective as possible.

Affected services

Upgrade as soon as possible to retain access to the following add-on services and live support. Click any service below to learn how it is affected by service discontinuation.

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QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11


QuickBooks for Mac 2011

Technical support plans—All QuickBooks products


Upgrade considerations
  • Difference between the 2011 and 2014 products. QuickBooks 2014 includes many new productivity boosting features to help you save more time and stay more organized. Find out what’s new since 2011 and learn about the new 2014 features in action.
  • System requirements. Check the system requirements to learn whether your current system will support the latest version of QuickBooks:
      System requirements for QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise Solutions 14.0
  • Upgrade process and assistance. After you complete your order for QuickBooks 2014, you will receive an email with a download link and instructions. Your QuickBooks 2014 purchase includes up to 60 minutes* with a QuickBooks expert who can help you: You can also refer to step-by-step instructions on the Install Center. Or, Frequently Asked Questions about Installing QuickBooks may also be helpful.
    • Get the most out of QuickBooks
    • Help avoid common mistakes
    • Get answers to your QuickBooks questions
  • Time required. In most cases, you can update QuickBooks and your company file in less than an hour. The larger your company file, the longer it takes. After you install QuickBooks 2014 or QuickBooks for Mac 2014, you will be prompted to register, which is required if you want to access any add-on services or live support while using QuickBooks 2014.
  • Company file conversion. When you upgrade, you are prompted to convert your company file so it will work with your new product. We take great precautions during this process to protect your data. For example, QuickBooks verifies the integrity of your data file and helps you perform a backup before the upgrade process begins.

*Expires at the earlier of 9/25/2014 or 30 days after registration. You can call upon purchase or within 30 days of completing your QuickBooks registration on the Web. One technical support phone call for up to 60 minutes (cannot be redeemed in increments) per registering customer allowed within the above-mentioned qualifying period.

Registration and downloads of older, non-supported products

We make every effort to provide customer support for registration and licensing for older versions of QuickBooks under Intuit's standard terms and conditions, if that data is available. Unfortunately, we cannot assure that we will be able to register, provide key codes, or offer data and password recovery for older versions of QuickBooks.

Similarly, although we are not able to provide replacement CDs, disks, or manuals for unsupported versions of QuickBooks, we do provide download files back to QuickBooks 2006.

Purchase options and upgrade discounts

We hope this page answers any questions you have about our service discontinuation plan. Once you have considered all your upgrade options and are ready to make a decision, call us to take advantage of special upgrade pricing. If you need help deciding which option is right for you, our Intuit Resellers are available to help you at the local level. Click here to find a Reseller near you. ProAdvisors get pricing info here (login required).

Call us to take advantage of special upgrade pricing and to discuss your options:

  • QuickBooks Pro or Premier (Windows): 866.676.9670
  • QuickBooks Accountant: 888.236.9501
  • QuickBooks for Mac: 866.676.9670
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: 800.450.7498
  • Sometimes you might get an even better deal through a retail store or website. We want you to get the best deal, so we encourage you to check with the retailers listed below:


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