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New features and product improvements for Cash Register Plus 2010

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What's new?

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    Limitations include:
    - A limited number of items, customers, and departments.
    - No ability to import customer or item lists.
    - Some reports aren't available.

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Improvements we've made--you spoke and we listened!

Release 4: July 14, 2010

Added the ability to reset a lost or forgotten Admin password.

The Ingenico 3070 pinpad will stay connected after restarting the system

Release 3: April 21, 2010

Cash back on debit transactions are now funded properly to the merchant account.

Release 2: February 18, 2010
Credit card processing errors will now have more detail displayed

Printed reports now reflects the sorted order in report preview.

Column sorting on receipt reports now sort properly.

Resolved an issue where some credit cards would get charged multiple times.

Improved performance when a Debit Card transaction goes to authorizing state when more than 30 items are added to an order..

Cancel button and text message in Credit Card tendering screen now display correctly.

Searching now responds properly after signing out and back into the application.

Logging into the home screen takes now takes less time.

Warning messages no longer overlap when in the Add/Edit Department screen and Add Item-Basic Info Screen.

Amounts now display properly in Customer Purchase History instead of showing amounts with one decimal place if 2nd digit after decimal is zero.

Total amount to debit on Non-Intuit Merchant Service debit card screen now displays with two digits after decimal rather than just one digit.

On the edit user screen - If the set password box is checked and then unchecked then the password will not be changed for that user.

Receipt order details report now displays proper values.

Resolved an issue where the amount on a debit transaction displayed incorrectly but processes the correctly so that the amount actually processed displays correctly.

Item Description no longer gets repeated when more than 10 characters are used.

The item button now displays item names with proper spacing between item name.

Improved the performance of importing items.

Improved performance when importing Customers.

Cash values no longer change to zero while printing the receipts.

End Of Day no longer displays 0.01 difference when making a complete return.

Tips and cash back option in the payment screen no longer jumps when user selects the check box.

A $ discount no longer shows in the form of % discount on a receipt when Order discount is implimented on the top of item discount.

Popup Help on Reconcile Cash Drawer screen no displays properly.

The installer no longer prompts to install .net 2.0 SP1, when the system has higher .net version already installed.

Users are no longer forced to change their password every 90 days. Admin users will now be prompted with a suggestion to change password every 90 days.

Focus is now returned to Scan Barcode/Item ID box when Home Screen is displayed.

Resolved an issue that would cause the loading screen to appear frozen.

Resolved the error Unbalanced Sales Receipt when attempting to import into QuickBooks.

Tip amount refunded to Credit Card now shows correctly.

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