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Intuit Apps.com

Intuit QuickBooks allows several online applications to connect with the program to complement their QuickBooks Desktop experience.

The Intuit Apps.com Official Web Site has a variety of online applications (created by Intuit or by other organizations that partner with Intuit) that customers may use to aid their business needs.

Detailed Information

More about Intuit Apps - What it is and what it does:

  • The Apps are affordable web-based applications designed to solve day-to-day business challenges, from finding new customers to managing a customer's back office.
  • Support links inside the Center and Apps are easy to access. These links help you find the correct route for Support.
    • Some apps are supported by Intuit, while others are supported by the companies that developed them.
    • Each app has its own page that includes FAQs and Support information.
      You may refer to the Apps page to determine the appropriate route for reaching support.
  • The apps are built on Intuit’s own web infrastructure to ensure data is accessible and protected 24/7.
  • Both Intuit Internal Developers and External Members of the Intuit Developer Network provide these applications.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is NOT required to use many of these apps.
  • Not all apps need to sync with QuickBooks Desktop; those that do will only sync with versions 2014 and later.
  • Most apps are designed to work with QuickBooks Online.
    Examples of Intuit Apps built by Intuit include the  Intuit Data ProtectIntuit 1099 E-File Service, and more.


Intuit Apps.com (Appcenter) FAQs
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