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Intuit Education Program

Established in 2007, the Intuit Education Program is committed to providing educators with the tools and resources needed to integrate QuickBooks into the classroom.

For more information on the Intuit Education Program:

Intuit Education Program - Resource Center - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the difference between an "Academic Version" and a "Non-Academic Version" of QuickBooks?  
  2. The purpose of a single user academic software license is only for students studying accounting or related coursework who are enrolled in public or private universities and colleges. The single user Academic Version (available to purchase through select resellers) has an installation limit of three. This includes reinstalls. A non-academic version offers more flexibility for reinstallations. The computer lab packs are for installation in a computer lab for instructional purposes.

    • Registration and installation support is available at 800-446-8848.  
    • The Academic Version does not come with free tech support. 
    • All non-academic customers must purchase the non-academic version for their use.
  3. How do I check my order status?
  4. Check order status at: https://about.intuit.com/commerce/orderstatus/orderstatus.jsp  

  5. Where do I find the Validation Code to register my QuickBooks license?
  6. Please see support article: Register QuickBooks Desktop

  7. My validation code says it’s invalid, what do I do now?
  8. Please see support article: Error: The validation code is incorrect or the service is temporarily unavailable when registering

  9. I am receiving an error message, what do I do now?
  10. Look up your error message at www.quickbooks.com/support. You can enter specific search criteria as needed.    

  11. QuickBooks Desktop is not installing properly with the install CD. What do I do?
  12. If you are having difficulty with installation or QuickBooks will not open, try uninstalling then reinstall using Intuit’s download link rather than installing from the CD. The download version will have the latest release already included and that may resolve your issue. To download the software, visit the Product Updates page. Note: You will need your license and product number to complete the installation.

  13. Where can I go for personal training options?

Instructor’s Resource Center - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the Instructor’s Resource Center?

    Instructor resources are delivered on a CD with the purchase of a computer lab pack (10, 25, or 50 licenses). The instructor resources are materials to support the textbooks sold by Intuit. The resource CD includes the data files, answer keys and more. For the lesson plans, the physical textbook must be purchased separately.

  2. How do I install and register my QuickBooks Desktop site license?
  3. When installing the QuickBooks product you will be prompted for the License and Product Number found on your packing slip or on the yellow sticker adhered to the CD sleeve.  After installation is complete you will be asked to register the product.  Follow the steps provided in the link below for the online registration or for your validation code which is provided by phone from the registration department. http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/pages/inproducthelp/core/qb2k12/contentpackage/core/handshake/task_reg_register.html

    For all subsequent installations, you will be prompted for the phone number and zip code you gave at initial registration or for a validation code.

  4. How do I demonstrate payroll in my classroom?
  5. Intuit’s textbook, QuickBooks Fundamentals Learning Guide, mentions that you can restore a sample company data file in QuickBooks. The sample data file includes payroll tax tables to run payroll, but will not allow for automatically generated state and federal forms. That is available by paid non-academic subscription only.  The sample data file is available for the instructor on Instructor's Resource Center CD (QuickBooks in the Classroom) you received with the purchase of a site license for your lab. If a student is using the Intuit textbook, the files are also available on a CD at the back of the book. Many textbooks also follow that same format.


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