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Reasons to reupload your company file


There may be times when Intuit Sync Manager indicates that you need to re-enable sync and reupload your company file.

When you sync a QuickBooks company file, QuickBooks creates a sync log file that tracks the synced information. This allows incremental syncs to happen much more quickly than full uploads.

When you move, copy, or restore a QuickBooks company file, the sync log file might no longer match the information in the company file. When this happens, the sync for your QuickBooks company file is disabled.

When you re-enable the sync, the company file will reupload from scratch during the next sync. After the reupload, the company file and log file will match again and ongoing syncs can continue normally.

Possible causes:

  • You restore a company file backup. This replaces your company file with older information, so the company file and log file no longer match.

  • You rename a company file, or move or copy a company file to some other location. In this case, the matching log file will no longer be recognized. See How can I avoid this problem in the future?

  • You use portable storage to take your company file home, edit it on another machine, then restore it back at the office. The log file no longer matches the data in the company file at this point.

Note: If your online service uses 2-way sync (meaning changes you make in QuickBooks go to your online service and vice-versa), you’ll lose changes you’ve made online that haven’t yet synced to QuickBooks at the time the file is reuploaded. The QuickBooks data will overwrite any unsynced online data.

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