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How long it takes to upload or sync QuickBooks data

The first time you use Intuit Sync Manager to sync your QuickBooks company file with one of your online services, the complete initial upload can take some time. Subsequent syncs are typically much faster.

Important: Sync is a 2-step process. Sync Manager uploads and syncs your data between QuickBooks and the secure online servers. This article relates to only that process. It can take additional time (typically a few minutes) to move data from the servers to online services that you may subscribe to or third-party developed applications with a connection to QuickBooks, available to you on the Intuit App Center. The amount of time depends on how much data needs to be moved and how busy the server is.

Detailed information

Initial upload duration

The names in your QuickBooks file (for example, customer names) are uploaded first. This is typically takes from less than a minute to just a few minutes. Financial transactions and indicators are uploaded after the contacts, and this can take a little longer.

How long it takes to complete the initial upload of your QuickBooks company file depends primarily on the file size and the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a high-speed Internet connection and a small company file, the full upload might take only a couple of minutes. If you have a slower Internet connection and a large company file, it can take longer.

Use the following table to get a rough idea of how long the initial upload will take. Refer to How can I find my QuickBooks company file size? for more information.

File size:
10 MB
50 MB
100 MB
1 minute
5 minutes
10 minutes

Note: Be sure to keep your computer on and connected to the Internet during the upload.


Ongoing sync duration

After your company file has been uploaded, subsequent ongoing syncs will almost always take much less time. Only the data that has changed is refreshed. This could take less than a minute, but it will depend on the amount of data to be refreshed and your Internet connection speed.


If you subscribe to an Intuit connected service or you have an active subscription for assisted support, you can call us at 800.450.8475 to speak with an agent.

If you subscribe to a 3rd-party developer appliation that connects with QuickBooks, please contact the 3rd party developer for assistance.

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