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Bar code scanner does not read a bar code

When you scan a barcode, it does not recognize the barcode or does not scan at all. You may need to reset the scanner to its default setting and follow the steps provided in this article.

How to fix it
Intuit recommends following the solutions to resolve the problem. The first solution may resolve the error or you may need to try all.
  • Check whether your scanner is on the list of compatible hardware
  • Restart the computer and check if the scanner beeps. If not, ensure all of the connections are in good condition and none of the pins where the cord connects are bent.
  • Pull the scanner trigger and hold it flush to the barcode. Slowly draw the scanner away multiple times to find the optimal scanning distance.
Solution 1: Examine the barcode
You may need to configure bar codes from the Print Designer, ensure to take note of the following reasons why a bar code might not scan.

Reasons a bar code might not scan
Too long The bar code width must fit into the scanners reading area.
Not printed clearly It is smudged or smeared? Poorly printed bar codes are a major reason a scanner will not read. Try scanning other bar codes to see if the problem's isolated to this one code.
Not enough white space If the bar code takes up the entire space of the label, with no blank area on either side, it will not scan.
Colored paper Bar codes printed on colored paper or labels will not scan.
Poor contrast Do the lines seem clear? Or are they blurry, faded, or gray? Can you try a different printer to see if it works better?
Solution 2: Reset the scanner to the factory default setting.
  1. Go to the Honeywell web site and click Products at the top of the page.
  2. Click Bar Code Scanners.
  3. Select Hand-held General Purpose.
  4. Select the scanner model.
  5. Click the Documents tab and click the scanners Quick Start Guide - English.
  6. Go to page 4, locate the Factory Default Settings. Print out that page and scan the bar code. This resets the scanner.
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