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Settle a merchant service batch, in Point of Sale


If you have an account with the Point of Sale Merchant Service, you can include batch settlement of your authorized credit and debit card transactions in the End of Day procedure: Choose Point of Sale > End of Day Procedure.

Note: You do not need to settle manually in Point of Sale 2013. The charges will be settled periodically and behind the scenes throughout the day.

The settlement process is automated. All you need to do is select the Send Merchant Service Batch Now option on the End of Day window.

Point of Sale transmits the transactions to the merchant service for settlement. Once the data is transmitted, the Point of Sale Merchant Service routes the transaction to the bank that issued the card, secures the funds, and then transfers the money to your bank account.


  • Important: Credit card transaction data must be sent to the processor for settlement within one day of authorizing the transaction to avoid paying higher fees.
  • Only transactions not already sent are included in each batch settlement.
  • Typically, credit and debit card transactions are sent once a day, during the End of Day procedure. However, you can send transactions for settlement whenever you want. To send transactions to the processor without running the other End of Day functions, select only the Send Merchant Service Batch Now option (clear the other options), then click OK.
  • A merchant service settlement batch is limited to 500 transactions and a total dollar amount of $999,999.99. If you reach either of these limits before settling, Point of Sale does not allow any additional credit or debit card transactions until settlement is completed.
  • You can run merchant service batch reports summarizing the transactions by card type or by batch for any specified period.

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