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Explanation of the back up process in Multi-user mode for 2009 and later

QuickBooks 2013 and later allows backups to be made in Multi-user mode. This was not possible in previous versions of QuickBooks desktop.

This is how previously QuickBooks desktop normally makes a backup of a company file:

  1. QuickBooks verifies the integrity of the company file
  2. After the verification is completed, a copy of the company file (.qbw) file is created
  3. The backup file (.qbb) is created from this copy of the file

This is how QuickBooks desktop now makes backup of a company file in Multi-user mode:

  1. A snap shot of the company file (.qbw) file is created and placed in a temporary location
  2. The integrity of the company file is verified
  3. If the verify fails, the back up (.qbb) is not created
    • In the case of verification failure, an error instructs the user to switch to single user mode and complete rebuild and full verify on the company file (.qbw)
  4. If the verify is successful, a backup is created utilizing the snapshot of the file

Note: The full verification of a company file for backups can only be completed in single user mode and online backup can only be completed in the single user mode.



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