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QuickBooks Point of Sale ports, files and paths for manual firewall configuration.

Windows firewall on either the Server or Client Workstation can block communication between workstations and the Point of Sale company data. If the firewall blocks the access of connectivity, Point of Sale automatically configures the firewall for you. If it fails, manual configuration may be needed for third party security, firewall ports and files.

Detailed information
When security programs block QuickBooks Point of Sale ports, the following processes can be interrupted:
  • Electronic Funds Transfer - Intuit Merchant Service credit card processing.
  • Database Server Manager - (Server installation only) Abiliity to connect and write to company file
  • Intuit Entitlement Service - Product license and user validation.

Configure Antivirus Program and Firewall


Configure Computer Firewall Ports

Steps to allow access to these critical ports
Point of Sale Firewall ports,files and location
These are the necessary ports for Point of Sale firewall configuration
Port Port Numbers
TCP (Incoming) 8040, 8443, 443, 2638, 46203, 46216 - 46220, 46225, 46228, 8024, 8025, 8035, 8036
UDP (Outgoing) 2638, 8024, 8035, 8036
Note: If you need additional help fixing connection issues, try using the Point of Sale Connectivity Tool to resolve the issue.
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8/18/2017 10:38:46 PM
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