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ODBC Read-Only Driver Resources

QuickBooks support for the ODBC Driver is limited to installation and configuration of the ODBC driver for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES). QBES will also assist in troubleshooting connection errors. For technical issues beyond the areas mentioned, please refer to QODBC.com web site.


The following are resources about using the ODBC Read-Only Driver with QuickBooks:

Description Link
Provides tutorials in setting up popular third party software such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Crystal Reports and more. http://www.qodbc.com/qodbctutorials.htm
Helps you to find all the tables and how they are related: http://www.qodbc.com/docs/html/qodbc/Qodbc_20_us.asp
Live support help desk for FLEXquarters, the manufacturer of QODBC. http://support.flexquarters.com/esupport/
The report vendor Intuit refers users to is FLEXquarters QReportBuilder: QReportBuilder:
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