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Summarized vs. Detailed in Point of Sale

In your Point of Sale company preferences, you can choose whether to send summarized or detailed item information to QuickBooks on receipts and vouchers. The choice depends on the level of detail you want in your financial software regarding your Point of Sale activities.


By default, these documents are sent to QuickBooks in the summarized format. This streamlines Financial Exchange and presents data in a concise format in QuickBooks. In most cases, sending summarized data is the most efficient way to transfer data. However, you may wish to send detailed documents to your financial software if you need or want:

  • The ability to print reports or statements in QuickBooks showing item descriptions for sales and receiving documents (e.g. the specific items sold or received).
  • The ability to see individual sales documents in QuickBooks, rather than consolidated documents.
  • The ability to run reports or do customer mailings with customer information from receipts.
Note: Detailed document posting DOES NOT mean that inventory information (items, quantities, costs, etc.) are sent to QuickBooks

Different format that handles data sent to QuickBooks:

Detailed Information

To specify detailed or summarized information for Financial Exchange:

  1. Go to File > Preferences > Company.
  2. From the  Financial page, select from one of the three options for sending receipts and vouchers:
    • Detailed item descriptions
    • Detailed item descriptions for customer charge account transactions only
    • Summarized item totals (no item detail: default)
  3. Click Save.


Note:This change You change should go into effect when you run the next Financial Exchange.
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