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Charges on your credit card or bank account

You want to understand the Intuit charges on your credit card or bank account.

Detailed information

Intuit charges your credit card or bank account for products you order and services you receive. Depending on the policies at your bank or credit card provider, the description that accompanies these charges may not provide details beyond the Intuit company name.

Typically, these charges fall into the following categories:

Charge From Reason
Recent order  A recent order might be billed to your account immediately, and your account might have an "authorization" placed on it for the amount of the order plus a small amount (typically a few cents) extra. After 2 to 3 business days, the authorization disappears from your account and is replaced by a charge for the order amount. To view orders you have placed recently, visit our Order Status page.
Assisted Payroll or Direct Deposit Recent activity relating to payroll might have triggered this charge.
Check or supply purchase You may not be charged until your order ships. If your order was shipped in two or more pieces, you will be charged for each portion of your order as it ships. To view orders you have placed recently, visit our Order Status page.
Online Backup or Technical Support subscription

A recent subscription fee might have been billed to your account.

Note: Intuit provides a variety of subscription services that may be billed annually, monthly, or on some other recurring schedule.

Online appliction (Intuit App Center) subscription The Intuit App Center provides a variety of Intuit and 3rd-party online applications and services that can be connected to your QuickBooks file. Many of these applications and services require a recurring subscription fee. This fee may be billed to your credit card or bank account on a monthly or annual basis.

To view your current Intuit App Center applications and services, sign in to your Intuit App Center account.
Recent order of more than $1500 paid throuh Installment Billing The unknown charge might be related to that purchase. To view orders you have placed recently, visit our Order Status page.
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions customer You might have a recurring charge related to your QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan subscription.


If you use QuickBooks for Windows (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise), you may be able to verify your charge through our automated online systemThis online access allows you to retrieve the last 90 days of your Intuit order history for QuickBooks-related charges.

Important: If you believe that there is an incorrect charge from Intuit on your credit card or bank account, please contact an agent for assistance.


If you are a ProAdvisor or a QuickBooks Online customer, please select the appropriate option below. 

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