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Collect Bank Feeds Log Files

The bank feeds logs tell the story of what happens during an online connection with your bank. If the connection fails or an error is received, the logs can help pinpoint the failure. These log files are located in the same location as your company data file.

Example: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

Direct Connect: 


Web Connect: (these files are not encrypted and can be open as a .txt file)

  • Web Connect (.QBO) is a file downloaded from the Financial Institution's (FI) web site for import in to QuickBooks and would be located where you saved it; most likely the Desktop.
  • The connlog.txt file contains connection data that may reveal the cause of the failure.
Detailed information

Important: Since QuickBooks' role inbank feeds is that of an access point, the majority of OL and OLSU errors received will need to be resolved at the bank.

  1. Contact your bank:
    1. Ask to be transferred to a bank representative familiar with QuickBooks Online Banking and account activation.
    2. Have the agent verify your account(s) are activated for the services you require for QuickBooks (not Quicken).
    3. If the issue remains unresolved, get a case/ticket# from the bank and request your case be escalated for resolution. 
  2. (If needed) Contact a QuickBooks agent to collect your log files and "Required" information below. (fees may apply)
    1. The log files will be decrypted and translated by our Online Connectivity Group (OCG). If necessary, the OCG will report the failure to your financial institution's engineering representative. 
      • You'll receive an email reply once the files have been reviewed (approx. 4 business days)
      • Important: A support agent will contact you only if the issue is determined to be QuickBooks related.
    2. Once the issue has been reported to your bank, it's up to the financial institution to resolve it. Please follow up on your ticket# by contacting the bank directly. 


  1. QuickBooks Case#:
  2. Exact error message:
  3. Steps to reproduce:
  1. Last time it worked:
  2. Bank name selected for download:
    1. Financial Institution case/ticket#:
  3. Web Connect or Direct connect:
    1. Bill Pay enabled (Y/N):
  4. Log files: (~qbofx32; ~qbofxod; connlog.txt; *.QBO)
  5. Version of QuickBooks and release:
  6. Version of Internet Explorer: 
  7. Windows Operating System: 
  8. Customer name:
  9. Contact number:
  10. Email:
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