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Features available and tasks you can perform in single or multi-user mode

Single-user mode limits access to your company file to one person at a time. If you have more than one user license for QuickBooks, you can switch to multi-user mode and have several people login to the company file at the same time and perform tasks from different computers.Some activities can be performed in both modes while some require that you switch to single-user mode because of the way the activities interact with a company data file.

Detailed information

The following is a comprehensive list of features available and tasks that can be performed in single or multi-user mode.


To switch between modes, go to the QuickBooks File menu and click Switch to Single-user Mode/Switch to Multi-user Mode.

Note that there are lock out functions within QuickBooks such as Payroll and Bank Feeds. This means that if you are in multi-user mode, the first person to use the function locks out other users from using the function at the same time.

For details, go to QuickBooks and press F1 on your keyboard to open the Help window. In the Search field, type “Single-user” or “multi-user” and press Enter. Choose an article from the list under Answers in Help section.

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