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Year-end procedures

QuickBooks and Intuit have several resources to help you prepare for the new year.

To help you navigate those options and organize all your year-end tasks, Intuit provides:

  •  A Year End Guide/checklist within the QuickBooks Desktop product that provides information on:
    • What and how to reconcile.
    • How to make adjustments and corrections.
    • How to close your books.
    • How to run and print the reports you need.
    • And much more.
  • A Year-End Center for Intuit Payroll services that provides:
    • A checklist for the employee and payroll related tasks you need to complete.
    • A list of important dates related to payroll and year-end.
    • Access to FAQs and links to other resources.
    • Information on how to perform the necessary tasks.
    • Tax news and links to various IRS and state agency documents.

Open the links in the Detailed information below to learn how to access these resources.

Detailed information



Additional resources

Federal payroll tax law changes:

Additional info for 1099-MISC forms:

Note: general information on 1099/1096 forms can be found in the In Product Help in your version of QuickBooks.  These articles provide some useful additional information.


Closing your books:

If you choose to close your books as part of your year-end process, you may also find that this is a good time to upgrade your product and even start a new company file.  The resources below can help with those tasks.

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