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Differences between the Intuit ODBC driver and the FLEXquarters ODBC driver

Both versions of the ODBC driver are exactly the same at their core. The only differences are in terms of the functions that are enabled. This is based on the license used when you install the driver.

Detailed information

The Intuit Version

This version of the driver is limited in that it only allows a single concurrent connection to the QuickBooks company data file (.qbw) and it has strictly read-only capabilities. It is the Desktop Edition Read Only version of the ODBC driver. The license for the Intuit version of the driver is included with (built into) the installer; when installing you will not be asked to provide any license information.


The FLEXquarters Version

The driver can be installed in several different configurations:

Desktop Edition Read Only
Price: $149.99 per machine

This driver is identical in functionality to the Intuit version. You may be running this version of the ODBC driver if you have purchased it directly from FLEXquarters.

If you are a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (ES) customer, you will have received the driver built into the program. It is possible, however, that you may have downloaded an evaluation copy of the FLEXquarters version of the driver from FLEXquarters site at: http://www.qodbc.com/. This can occur if you went to the FLEXquarters site to find a driver that is a newer version than the Intuit driver you currently have installed on your system or than we have posted on our site.

If the evaluation copy was directly downloaded from FLEXquarters, the About Tab in the QODBC setup screen will note that it is an evaluation copy for 30 days (the evaluation copy can be configured as the Read/Write or Server Edition) after which it will default back to the QBES Read Only Editon.

Desktop Edition Read/Write

Price: $199.00 per machine

This version must be purchased directly from FLEXquarters. In addition to being able to read data from the QuickBooks company data file (.qbw), it can also write data back into the .qbw file. It is otherwise identical to Intuit's version of the ODBC driver. This version is still limited to a single concurrent connection to the .qbw file.

Server Edition Read/Write

$499.00 per server

This version differs from the Desktop Edition of the driver in that it has the capability to connect to IIS (Internet Information Services) servers and take advantage of DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) Servers.

The Server Edition of QODBC will allow you to set up a Web Server and use any web tool such as PHP, ASP, ADO, Cold Fusion to access data live from QuickBooks via ODBC in real time.

The Server Edition also works with data server application running on Windows 2003 Server or Windows NT Server, such as Microsoft SQL Server. The Desktop Edition is not designed to handle multiple threads and communications from a protected background server process, but the Server Edition can operate in this mode.

If you are working with the Read/Write driver, please contact FLEXquarters for technical support or use the free forum at: http://www.qodbc.com/QODBCAutoFAQ.htm.

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