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Create an invoice your customer can pay online in QuickBooks 2015 and 2016

Watch this video to see how to send electronic invoices in QuickBooks 2015 and 2016.

Detailed instructions
  1. In QuickBooks, create an invoice for your customer. If it's not already, in the lower left corner, click the Turn on link to enable this invoice for online payment.
  2. Optional: Click the Change link to edit the payment methods you'd like to accept.
  3. To send the invoice, click the Email button at the top of the screen, or select the Email Later checkbox. You can choose File > Send Forms later if you wish to send your invoices out in a batch.
    Important: To send an invoice with online payment enabled, make sure you are using the Web Mail or Outlook email preferences. Invoices sent using QuickBooks Email will not allow you to include online payment links.
  4. This is what the email your customer receives looks like. They can click View and Pay Invoice to open the online payment portal.
  5. Your customer can print the invoice, save it as a PDF, or just click Pay now.
  6. They can sign in using their existing login (if they have one), create a new login, or just complete the payment method portion and pay right away.
  7. After the payment is deposited to your bank account, go to Merchant Service Deposits from the QuickBooks home screen. The payment will download and the invoice will be marked as paid.
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