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Create an installation CD or flash/USB drive for QuickBooks Desktop from a download

If you want to create your own backup CD or flash/USB drive for your QuickBooks Desktop installation files, follow the instructions below.

Detailed instructions

Create an install CD or flash/USB drive from download

  1. Download QuickBooks Desktop (Download instructions can be found on Download-QuickBooks-products).
  2. During the download process unselect the launch when done check box.
  3. Insert one of the following depending on what you want to create:
    • a record able CD into your CD drive OR
    • flash/USB drive into your USB port
      Note: Your flash/USB drive needs to have at least 1GB of available space
  4. Once the download has completed, right click on on the new setup file that has been saved to your desktop and select send to.
    Note: The name of the file will depend on the version of QuickBooks that you downloaded.
  5. Select your CD/DVD drive or USB drive.
    Note:Your drive selection (CD or flash/USB) must be the same type as what was selected in step 3 above.
  6. Follow the steps to save the file to a CD or to your USB drive.
    Note: This will coincide with your selections from steps 3 and 4 above.

Important: The steps to saving a file to CD can differ between different CD and DVD burners. Please refer to your owners manual or contact your CD or DVD burner manufacture for assistance.

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