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Add or edit Account Numbers in Microsoft Excel

You can add or edit Account Numbers in your Chart of Account one by one by editing each Account.

You may find it easier to export your COA, edit the account numbers in Excel, and then reimporting your COA into your company data file.

Detailed directions
  1. Export your COA to your desktop.
  2. Edit your COA in MS Excel
    1. Locate the COA file on your desktop, right click the file and select, "Open With Excel".
    2. Locate the Account Number column in the Excel document, this will usually be in row 3 and will have the header "ACCNUM".
    3. Now you will be able to Add or Edit these account numbers.
    4. When finished editing, select Control + S to save the changes.
    5. When asked "Do you want to keep the workbook in this format?", select Yes.
  3. Reimport the COA file into your company data file.
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