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Use the Income Tracker in QuickBooks Desktop

Income Tracker is a tool that allows you to easily see the status of your unpaid (unbilled) transactions.  You can also use some new tools in the Income Tracker to make your collection efforts easier and more efficient.

*  Income Tracker is available in QuickBooks Desktop 2014 and later. It replaces the Collection Center available in previous versions of QuickBooks. Collection Center can still be accessed in the current versions via the Preferences menu.
Detailed instructions

Note: Income tracker is not available when multi currency-feature is in use.

What can you do with Income Tracker?

  • You can batch print a group of transactions (Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Credit Memos/Refunds)


  • Double-click any transaction to open up that particular transaction to edit it


  • You can filter by open or overdue transactions.


  • You can drill into the color coded bars to filter for just one type (Unbilled, Unpaid, and Paid)


  • You can print or send a copy of a transaction via email by clicking the action drop down


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