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Create Automatic Purchase Orders

To make inventory ordering easier, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions can create purchase orders automatically from any of the Inventory Stock Status reports.

Detailed instructions
  1. To reorder items using the available quantity rather than the quantity on hand, select the Use avail qty to reorder checkbox at the top of the report window. The available total is the quantity on hand, less any items on sales orders and pending builds.
  2. At the top of the report, click Create Auto POs.
  3. (Optional) Change the order date in the Date field.
  4. Click the checkmark column next to the items you want to order.
  5. If the item doesn't have a vendor listed in the Vendor column, or if you want to change the vendor, click the Vendor column for that item. Then click the drop-down arrow to select a vendor.
    Note: When ordering multiple items from the same vendor, QuickBooks creates only one purchase order for that vendor.
  6. In the Qty to Order column, enter the quantity you want to order for each selected item.
  7. Click Create POs.
    Note: When using Advanced Inventory with multiple sites, QuickBooks creates one purchase order per vendor, per site.
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