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Process a payment with a mobile payments account

Ready to process credit card transactions with your mobile payments account?  No worries - it's a breeze!  Just follow the steps below. 

Detailed instructions

Process a swiped or manually entered transaction

  1. Log in to the GoPayment app on your mobile device.
  2. To get paid with a credit card, tap Take Payment.
  3. Select a category and then just tap the item you want to sell (or tap Enter $ to charge a dollar amount not associated with an item).  To sell two of the same item, tap the item twice.  Each time you tap the item, the order increases by one.
  4. (optional) Tap the + next to Add Discount to give your customer a discount as a percentage or absolute amount.

  5. (optional) Tap the + next to Add Memo/Add Discount to add a note to yourself that will be visible in transaction history or add a discount to the transaction. This will not appear on customer receipts. (This feature must be activated in the GoPayment app settings.)
    NOTE: There is also an Optional Desc field that appears in the transaction; however, it is not visible in the transaction history.


          6. Tap Checkout.

          7. Select a card reader type (if you haven't already in Settings), then swipe the credit card through the card reader as shown on the screen.

Note: If you don't have a card reader or it's not connected, you can enter the credit card information manually. Just tap Key Enter and enter the credit card information. Then tap Done


           8. When the signature screen appears, hand the device to your customer and let them sign for the transaction with a fingertip. 

           Note: If the tip feature is turned on in Settings, you can also let your customer tip you for great service! 

           9. Take the device back and tap Charge.

            (optional) After the transaction is processed, tap Send Receipt to send a receipt as an email or text message. 

      10. Tap Done to return to the home screen.

        Note: You can void payments until 3PM Pacific Time on the same day. After the cutoff of 3PM Pacific Time, you can refund a customer in the online service center


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