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Message: Free some hard drive space

When you open, create a company file or switch to multi-user mode, you see the following message:



  • Clicking the Remind me later button will close the alert window, however the message will appear after 12 hours or until you take action.
  • Clicking the Dismiss button will close the alert window and you will not receive future messages.
    In QuickBooks 2015 R3 and earlier, the button is labeled Ignore.
  • Alerts are included with the Reminders in QuickBooks 2015 R4 and later.
    In QuickBooks 2015 R3 and earlier, they are located in the Maintenance Alerts Center. To access the center, go to Company > Maintenance Alerts.
Why this is happening

The hard drive space available on the drive where windows is installed is less than 15% of the total available.  



How to fix it

To free space on this drive you  may need  to delete old or unnecessary files,  perform a Disk Cleanup or check for active disc quotas. 

Refer to your computer manufacturer, Microsoft or with an IT professional to perform the steps for a disk cleanup or further assistance.



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4/27/2017 2:04:34 AM
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