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Change the email addresses or login for your payments account within the Merchant Service Center

There are several different places you can change your email address in the Merchant Service Center. Each email address is for receipt of different kinds of messages:

  • News about your account goes to your Contact Email.
  • Account access messages go to your Intuit Account Email (changing this email will also change your sign-in credentials).
  • Statement or deposit alerts go to individual alert email address destinations you set for each alert type.

You can use the same email address for all, or different addresses. Here's how to set your preferred destination email address for each type of message:

News about your account

Intuit regularly contacts you with news and announcements relative to your account. To change this contact email address:

  1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center.
  2. Choose Account > Account Profile.

  3. Under Contact Information click the Edit button.
  4. Edit the Contact Email and click Save.
Account access

To keep access to your account private and secure, you get an email whenever you reset your password or change your User ID. You get these messages in your Intuit Account email inbox. (If you use other Intuit products like QuickBooks Payroll or TurboTax, you use this same email to access those services too.)
Important: Changing this email address changes your Intuit Account email address in other Intuit products too and will also change your account sign-in credentials.

To change or view your Intuit Account email address:

  1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center.
  2. Choose Account > Login & Merchant Accounts

  3. Under Contact Information click the Change your User ID, Email, Password and Security Question.

    Link to change Intuit Account info

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Edit the Email Address field.

    Change Intuit Account email

  1. Click Save.

Note: If your email does not match your User ID you will have an option to change your User ID here as well.




   9. Click Save to complete the User ID change.

Statement and/or deposit alerts

The Merchant Service Center can notify you when your monthly credit card statement is available for viewing online and/or whenever funds are deposited in your bank account. (This feature is not available for check statements.)

Read how to set destination email addresses for these alerts.



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