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Batch upgrade company files with QuickBooks File Manager

Upgrade multiple company files to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop without opening each file individually in the new version.

Detailed Instructions


  • This process can take quite a bit of time if you have selected multiple files to upgrade, so we suggest you test the upgrade process on one file to estimate how long this process may take for your files
  • If your Company Files are located on a network drive,follow the steps on this article.
  • If you receive an error stating QuickBooks File Manager cannot upgrade files while QuickBooks is still running. Close QuickBooks Desktop and try again, refer to this article for the steps.


Open QuickBooks File Manager either via the icon on your desktop or through the Accountant menu in QuickBooks Desktop.

Once you have File Manager open:

  1. Click on Clients

  2. Scroll down to Add Clients Via > Update Client List Wizard.

  3. This will open the File Update Wizard. (We will use the selection From QuickBooks file names for this example).

  4. Click Next.
  5. Click the Browse... button to use Windows Explorer to select the Folder where your files are stored.

  6. Once all of your Company Files are found, click on Batch Upgrade at the top of the File Manager Window.

  7. In the Batch Upgrade Utility Window, select each file you would like to upgrade by checking the box to the left of the file name, then click Upgrade Selected Files.

    The Batch Upgrade Utility will then proceed to upgrade the selected files.

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