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Tasks you can do with .IIF files

Within QuickBooks, you can use .IIF files to accomplish several tasks, including those shown below. These articles will assist you in using ..IIF files:

  1. Use Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) files.
  2. Import an .IIF file into your QuickBooks data file.
  3. Export your lists to an .IIF file.

CAUTION:  Before performing any of the following tasks, create one or more backups of your data file(s).

NOTE: Intuit does not provide live, phone support for creating or importing .IIF files, however, there are resources available if help is needed:

  1. Browse, search, or post a question in the QuickBooks Community Forum: Importing and Exporting Data.
  2. If the .IIF file was created by a third-party application, contact the application's technical support department.
  3. Refer to the documentation provided with the import kit.
  4. Search the QuickBooks knowledge base, which also includes In-Product Help.
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