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Export report to an Excel spreadsheet or to update an existing Excel spreadsheet.

Exporting QuickBooks report to Excel makes it easier to manipulate the information.

Virtually every QuickBooks report has the option of Create New Spreadsheet or Update Existing Worksheet.

Detailed instructions

To export a report to Excel in QuickBooks:

  1. With QuickBooks report on screen, click on the Excel button at the top of the report.
  2. Select Create New Worksheet or Update Existing Worksheet.
  3. The Send Report to Excel window will appear with the following options to choose from:
    • Create new worksheet:
      • in new workbook
      • in existing workbook
    • Update an existing worksheet
    • Replace an existing worksheet
    • Create a comma separated values (.csv) file
  1. Select your options, then click the Export button. This will open the report in Excel.


NOTE: The default file created by Office 2007 & 2010 is an .xlsx file. To have Excel create files in an .xls format by default, complete these steps prior to exporting the desired report:

  1. In Excel, click Office > Excel Options (in 2007), or File > Options (in 2010).
  2. Click Save.
  3. Select Excel 97-2003 workbook (*.xls) from the Save files in this format drop-down.
  4. Click OK.


Excel will now save all files created in a .xls format. 
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