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Setup a report to print on a limited number of pages

Printing a large report to fit on a limited amount of pages can be accomplished through using the printer set up to fit your report to a specified amount of pages.

Example: Printing a payroll summary with 40 employees would print on 11 pages, but your needs require that it fits on 5 pages.

Detailed Instructions

To specify the amount of pages the report will print on:

  1. Click File and select Print Setup.
  2. In the Form Name drop down, select Report.
  3. At the bottom of this window, place a check mark in Fit report to ___ page(s) wide and enter the number of pages required in the empty field.
  4. Click OK to leave the screen.
  5. Print your report and review it to ensure it meets your requirements.

Note: By printing a large report on a small number of pages the character font size will be greatly reduced, possibly making it difficult to read the report.

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