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Separate a company file when the business structure and EIN change

An entity change is when there is a change in the structure of a business that can affect the legal protection, tax savings, and ownership requirements.

The most common business entity changes can be classified as:

  • Sole Proprietorship to Corporation
  • Sole Proprietor to Partnership
  • Partnership to Corporation
  • Corporation changing to S-Corp (or C-Corp)
  • Formation of a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or Incorporating
  • Change or Transfer of Ownership
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Formal Business Name Change or modification

This article allows you to mark the change in business entity by splitting the file based on the date the change occurred. Moreover, this process will allow you to have all of the necessary transaction data separated by entity at the time of the change, and make filing taxes for each entity more manageable

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