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Sales Tax Revenue Summary: Show the invoice date on the cash basis QuickZoom report

The cash basis Sales Tax Revenue Summary QuickZoom report shows the date of the payment by default in the date column. To display the invoice date you can modify and add the column for Ship Date. The ship date column by default will show the same day as the invoice.

Detailed Instructions

Display invoice date on the Sales Tax Revenue Summary QuickZoom for cash basis.

  1. In the menu bar, select Reports and then Vendors & Payables and then Sales Tax Revenue Summary.
  2. Double click on the balance amount for all sales (this will vary by date and firm).
  3. The report displayed is now the Sales Tax Revenue Summary QuickZoom.
  4. Select Customize Report or Modify Report.
  5. On the Display tab locate the section for Columns in the left corner.
  6. Check off Ship Date and click OK.
  7. Memorize the report.

The invoice date will now display under the ship date column.

Note: Customer may want to customize invoice templates to add ship date to show on the screen.


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