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Turn off payment reminders in QuickBooks Desktop

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When you create your company file in QuickBooks Desktop, you will see reminders or alerts inside the Receive Payments window prompting you to Turn on Payments or Finish Setup. These reminders notify you that you can add information about your business in order to accept credit cards and checks within QuickBooks.

If you have not turned on the payments feature within QuickBooks, we encourage you to do so. This will allow you to increase your limits for online invoicing, as well as accept credit card and check payments through QuickBooks. Once you have turned on the payments feature, you can start collecting payments from your customers and have those payments deposited directly into your checking account. To eliminate these alerts, you will need to either fill out the requested information or turn off the alerts within the Receive Payments window.

The Finish Setup alert

If you turned on payments and chose to enter your bank account information at another time, an alert appears in the Receive Payments screen prompting you to enter it.

1. Click Finish Setup.


2. Enter your Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number.

3. Click Save.


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