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What kind of bank account can I use with Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN)?

Intuit PaymentNetwork will be discontinued on 5/31/2016.
Learn more about the transistion.

Valid bank account types for use with Intuit PaymentNetwork

Detailed instructions

Intuit PaymentNetwork lets you link to standard bank accounts. The account MUST be transactional. In other words, Intuit must be able to deposit and withdraw funds from the account.

Add any of the following types of accounts:

  • Business Checking
  • Business Savings
  • Personal Checking
  • Personal Savings

Invalid account types

You may not use any of these kinds of accounts:

  • Lines of credit
  • Mutual fund accounts
  • Government accounts
  • Credit card checks
  • Routing numbers used for wire transfers
  • Paper draft accounts
  • Any non-transactional account

Using any invalid account types may result in a returned transaction and delay of payment.

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