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Scan checks in QuickBooks Desktop

You can use a TWAIN check scanner to process a check transaction within QuickBooks Desktop.

TWAIN Compatibility Test

Before scanning checks, make sure your scanner is compatible with the QuickBooks Desktop check scanning software. Go to the Compatibility Test.  If you have already done so, go to Process scan check transaction below.

Process scan check transaction

1. From the home screen of your QuickBooks, select the Receive Payments icon.

2. Click Scan Checks.


3. A box may appear with a security warning. Click Yes to continue.

4. Scan the desired checks.

5. Click Next.

6. Verify scanned check information by clicking on the text boxes with the customer name, check number, and check amount.

7. Click Next.

8. You can choose to record the payment or to skip recording the payment so you can do it later. NOTE: If you choose to record later, skip to step 11.

9. Record check as a Receive Payment and apply to invoice OR Sales Receipt. Click Save & Close to view the next check.

                                                         --- OR---

10. Repeat this process for each check that you had scanned.

11. Once complete, click Send Checks for Processing.

12. Click Close to exit the screen.

13. If you want to record the deposit now, click Make Deposits. If you would like to wait until you have been funded, click I'll do this later.

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