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Process a credit card payment in QuickBooks 2013

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Instructions for processing a credit card payment within QuickBooks 2013 through the Sales Receipt and Receive Payment options.

Sales Receipt

 When there is no invoice for the customer in QuickBooks 2013 and you don't want to create one, use a sales receipt to record a payment.

  1. From the QuickBooks home screen, click the Create Sales Receipts icon.

  2. From the Customer:Job menu, add or select a customer or job.

  3. Enter the Item, Description, Quantity, Rate, and Amount.

  4. In the Payment Method drop-down list, select the payment type.

  5. Select the Process payment when saving check box.

  6. Click Save & Close.


  7. Confirm or enter the transaction information.

  8. Click Submit.


Receive Payment

Receive Payment is used when you want to apply a payment to a customer's open invoice in QuickBooks 2013.

From the home screen of QuickBooks, select the Receive Payments icon.

  1. Add or select the customer in the Received From menu.

  2. Enter the amount in the Amount field.

  3. Select the credit card type in Payment Method.

  4. The Reference and Memo fields are optional.

  5. Enter the card number in Card No. and the expiration date in Exp. Date.

  6. Check the box Process payment when saving.

  7. Select Save & Close.


  8. Confirm or enter the transaction information.

  9. Select Submit.


Process credit cards when application status is "In Review"

You received an "In Review" status for your Payments account, but you need to process a credit card payment.

Please contact Customer Support at 877-297-8081. A representative will review the account and provide you with either a verbal or email notification of the approval.

Once you receive that approval, you are almost ready to begin taking credit card payments! just follow the steps below to take your first card payment.

1. In your QuickBooks 2013, open the Receive Payment window.

2. Select Turn on Payments.

3. (Optional) Add your Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number and then click Save
    This step is recommended.


4. On the Receive Payments screen, enter the payment information, making a selection of the credit card type under Pmt Method.

5. At the bottom of the screen, check the box next to Process payment when saving. If this box is not checked, the payment will be recorded, but not processed.

6. Check the box next to Link to an existing QuickBooks Merchant Service account.

7. Close the screen that says Congratulations, your Payment service has been successfully linked to your QuickBooks company file.

8. Click Save & Close.

9. Confirm or enter the transaction information.

10. Select Submit.

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