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Change password for Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN)

Need to perform a password recovery/reset?  No problem!  Follow the procedures below or click on the video above to watch a tutorial.

NOTE: The password recovery will reset the password for all Intuit web applications associated with this username.


Viewing from within QuickBooks Help?  Click here to see full article.

Detailed Instructions


 Important: If you no longer have access to the email address used for login please click Here

To change your user name and password please click on the Merchant Service Center link or go to Merchantcenter.intuit.com.


For instructions on how to  change your user name and password once in the Merchant Service Center please click Here

Why am I being asked to sign in again and use a confirmation code?

Intuit is implementing Multifactor Authentication (MFA) across our business.

This extra security means that any time you try to change your account sign in information on this site, you may be asked to log in again and enter a one-time confirmation code sent to your email to ensure that it is really you who is changing your information.

This email will come from do_not_reply@intuit.com.

Please be sure to check your bulk/junk/spam email folder if you don’t see the confirmation code in your primary inbox.

For more information on MFA, please see Additional logins and confirmation code to change account information. 



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