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Create an AppID, AppLogin, Connection Ticket and Intuit QuickBooks Payments account

You may reference this article if your shopping cart is requesting an AppID, an AppLogin and/or a connection ticket.  However, your shopping cart provider is fully responsible for inputting this information on your webstore .

The following shopping cart providers have proven to frequently be compatible with our payments services and should be contacted for more information. It is important to note, as mentioned above, that compatibility with our payments services is ultimately the responsibility of the shopping cart provider to maintain. We offer the following as a courtesy for reference.

  • GoDaddy - http://www.godaddy.com/       
  • PDGSoft.com - http://www.pdgsoft.com/partners/quickbooks.htm   
  • Ultracart - http://www.ultracart.com/
  • AmeriCommerce - www.americommerce.com/‎
  • CoreCommerce - www.corecommerce.com/
  • LinkPointCart - https://www.linkpointcart.net/

 to veiw all compatible stores please visit, http://payments.intuit.com/ecommerce-payment-processing/

For technical assistance in creating or configuring an eCommerce API visit our Intuit Developer Group website.


  • Only one payments account connection can be made to an individual shopping cart/web-store. Multiple payments accounts are required for multiple shopping cart/web-store connections.
  • The Intuit Developer Group website currently supports newer versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 
  • If an error occurs after certain changes to the steps below are made, logging out and clearing the browser cache may be required.
Detailed instructions

IMPORTANT: The following steps must be completed in the specified sequence! 


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