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Deposit customer payments in QuickBooks

The article outlines the steps for depositing payments from customers into your bank account.

Detailed instructions

If you are depositing payments from Merchant Services, check the batch totals before you make the deposit in the Merchant Service Center, under Activity and Reports > Deposits. When you have verified the batch totals, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Access the Make Deposits window.
    • From the Home screen, click Record Deposits. -OR-
    • From the Banking menu, click Make Deposits.
  2. In the Payments to Deposit window,
    1. Under Select View, choose the payments you want to see based on types of payments and payment methods.
    2. Select payments to deposit.
    3. Click OK.

  4. In the Make Deposits window,
    1. From the Deposit To dropdown, choose the bank account you want to deposit into.
    2. Enter the date.
    3. (Optional) Enter a memo.
    4. Review details of the deposit.
    5. Click Save & Close.

  • The Payment to Deposit window should open automatically. If it doesn’t, click Payments at the top of the Make Deposit screen.
  • The deposit amount is the sum of all payments you deposited. Example, if there are payments for $1,077.50, $5,387.50 and $417.53 and you opted to deposit all of them on 12/15/2020 then your bank Register will show a $6,822.53 deposit for that day. It will be easier for you to reconcile your bank account if you group payments together based on the amount of actual deposit to the bank account.
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