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Run a report showing both the invoice date and the paid date

This report is not one of the canned reports that are included in QuickBooks Desktop, however, you can customize a report to show this information .

QuickBooks Desktop reports normally show the invoice date (accrual basis) or the paid date (cash basis) but not both.

This article shows you how to run a report that shows both. To make this report work, you have to add the paid date to a custom field on every invoice.

Detailed instructions
  1. Create a custom field in the Edit Customer window
    1. In the Menu Bar, choose Customers > Customer Center.
    2. Double click on a customer and then click the Additional Info.
    3. Click Define Fields and set up a Paid Date field for customers.
  2. Open an invoice and edit the template
    1. In the Invoice Menu Bar, choose Customize and then click Customize Data Layout.
    2. Click the Fields Tab and then select Paid Date in the Screen column.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Repeat Steps a. through c.  for each template that you use.
  3. Enter the Paid Date on Invoices
    1. Open a paid invoice with an edited template.
    2. The Paid Date field appears in the Field Bar just above the columns. You cannot edit the position of this field.
    3. Enter the Paid Date from the PAID stamp on the invoice.
    4. Choose Previous or Next to go to the next invoice.
    5. You will see a window asking if you want to change the customer’s default field. Click No.
    6. Repeat Steps c. through e. for all invoices in your date range.
  4. Run the report
    1. In the Menu Bar, choose Reports > Custom Reports > Transaction Detail.
    2. On the Display Tab scroll down in the Columns window and select on Paid Date.
    3. Click the Filters Tab.
    4. In the Filter window, select Transaction Type and then select Invoices.
    5. In the Filter window, select Detail Level then select Summary Only.
    6. Click the Header/Footer Tab.
    7. In the Report Title field, enter "Invoice Date & Paid Date" or a similar title.
    8. Click OK.
    9. You can move the Paid Date column so that it is next to the Date column.
    10. Memorize the report.
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