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Sell or recharge a Gift Card

Instructions for selling or recharging a gift card in Point of Sale (POS) v8.0 or higher

Detailed instructions
  1. Start a new receipt with or without other items listed.
  2. Click the Gift button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select Gift Card then click Load (or Purchase/Recharge) and swipe or key-in the card number. 
  4. Enter the Amount to be added and click the Save button.
  5. Repeat for additional gift cards, up to three on the receipt then click Save or Save & Print when finished.
  6. Point of Sale connects to the Gift Card Service and updates the balance for the card(s).  Progress and confirmation messages are displayed.
  7. Use general payment procedures to accept the amount due or give change until the Payment Complete message is displayed.
  8. Save/Print the receipt.
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4/26/2017 12:51:45 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9138 Pro 2017 1b02d7