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Process a manual credit card transaction with GoPayment

You can process a manual credit card transaction on your iOS or Android device.

Detailed instructions
  1. Sign into GoPayment on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Take Payment

    Take Payment option
  1. Tap an item to add it to your order, or tap Enter $ to charge a dollar amount not associated with an item.
  1. Tap Checkout.
  2. Tap Key Enter.

    Key Enter screen 


  1. Enter the credit card info (all fields are required) , and then tap Done.

 Cared Info screen

  1. (Optional) Hand the device to the customer to sign for the charge, then tap Charge

     Sign and Authorize screen
  1. To send a copy of the receipt, enter an email address or phone number (for a text message). (Tap Skip if you don't want to send a receipt.)
  2. Tap Done to return to the Home page.


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