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Void, Refund or Print Receipts for Transactions in your Online Service Center

This article contains detailed instructions on how to process a credit card refund using the online service center.

Please note that per Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations, a refund processed to a credit card must have an original offsetting sale prior to issuing the refund. The online service center enables you to perform a refund up to 6 months after the original sale took place. After this period of time, you may provide a refund using cash, check, or another method.

Credits (refunds, reversals) to a customer's card that are performed after the batch closes will incur the same processing fees as the original transaction. However, void or cancelled transactions (those that occur before the batch closes) will not incur the same processing fees as the original transaction.

Void or full-refund

1. Sign in to your online service center.

2. Click the Reverse a transaction link.


3. Complete the fields as needed to narrow the search and then click Find. Any related transactions will then appear immediately below these fields.


4. Select the checkbox for transactions you want to refund and then click Submit.





Partial refund or partial credit

Process a refund using the Reverse a Transaction function

  1. Sign in to the online service center
  2. Select Processing Tools from the top of the page, then click Reverse a Transaction. 
  3. Search for the transaction using any of the fields available to you:
    • Charged between (from and to) *Required
    • Cardholder Name
    • Last 4 digits of Credit Card Number
    • Original Transaction ID
    • Amount
    • Comment
      NOTE: The best way to search for the transaction is by date, amount, and last 4 digits of credit card number


  1. Results are displayed below. Select the transaction you would like to refund. 
  2. Enter the Amount you would like to refund. Verify the information on the screen is correct. 
  3. Click Submit to process the refund.
  4. A new message will appear. You will be promoted to click Continue to process a full refund. If you would like to submit a different amount, click Cancel. You will then be prompted to enter a different refund amount then click Continue.
  5. A receipt is displayed with the result of the transaction. You may click E-mail or Print for a copy of the receipt.



Print a Receipt

1. Login to your Online Service Center.

2. Select Activity and Reports at the top of the page.

3. Select Transactions and then search for the transaction you are needing to print.

4. Select the Gear Icon on the right of the transaction.

5. Select View Receipt, then Print.

6. Select either Merchant, Customer, or Print Both.

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